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Fundraising Ideas

At Home

  • Movie night in
  • Games night in
  • Dinner party with friends and family
  • Celebrate your birthday or special occasion (asking for donations instead of gifts)
  • BBQ lunch
  • Back yard cricket on your pitch
  • Swear Jar – (not that we think you need one)
  • Give up coffee for a month
  • Shave your beard (or grow one)
  • Garage sale
  • Picnic
  • Poker tournament
  • Yoga class

Got an idea? Lets Go!

In the Community

  • Trivia Night (we have answers and questions ready to go!)
  • Bunnings BBQ
  • Car wash
  • Dance or silent disco
  • Gala ball
  • Comedy for a Cause
  • Music night
  • Fashion parade
  • Footy or cricket match
  • Golf day
  • Concert
  • Bake sale
  • Exercise class
  • Busking

Got an idea? Lets Go!

At Work

  • Donation tin at the cash register
  • Raffle or auction – Prizes could include a day off work, extended lunch break, boss shouting you lunch, or a prime parking spot for a week.
  • Gold coin donations at the coffee machine for a week or month – We can provide you with a donation tin.
  • Sweepstakes – Download our sweepstakes sheet here
  • Dress down day – $5 to wear something casual to work
  • Flash lunch Trivia – We have questions and answers ready to go!
  • Ugly tie contest – Ask co-workers to bring in their wackiest ties and display the ties in a prominent location in your office. Put a jar beneath each tie. The tie which receives the most donations at the end of a month is the winner.
  • Brown bag it – On a designated day, encourage everyone to make lunch at home and donate what he or she would have spent on food. (Did you know people spend an average of $15 for lunch while at work?)
  • Swear Jar
  • Morning tea – Bring a plate to work and sell your foodie goodies

Got an idea? Lets Go!