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The gift of a Parkinson’s Nurse

the incredible gift of a parkinson’s nurse

Tony and Jenny know how vital it is to have a Nurse by your side. Tony was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, after he’d been battling with what looked like severe depression for some time. He was only 58 years old.

Jenny and Tony

“Tony’s diagnosis hit us like a ton of bricks,” says Jenny. “Even though I’d suspected it, we didn’t
want to believe it and were in denial. The good thing was we were put in touch with a Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse.”

“But after a few months Tony’s depression was setting in again and the treatments weren’t working which was making the depression worse. Tony couldn’t do up his shirt buttons or tie his shoelaces and he was starting to freeze. Our Nurse helped us by organising a neurologist appointment and getting Tony onto Levodopa, which has helped a lot.”

“Parkinson’s Nurses know so much about Parkinson’s. With them by your side, you’re not alone trying to deal with things.”

Every location across NSW deserves to have support like this. No one should be left struggling to
manage the difficulties of Parkinson’s by themselves.

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Rebecca Manners – Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist located in Northern NSW

When people are connected with a Parkinson’s Nurse, their lives improve dramatically. Although Rebecca is new to her role, she is already receiving emails with notes of thanks and appreciation.

“I recently received a beautiful email from a wife of a person with Parkinson’s saying ‘we feel encouraged by your warmth, experience and compassion’. I feel privileged to be welcomed into their homes and their lives to help them through difficult times.”

Parkinson’s nurses like Rebecca have expert knowledge of this progressive disease. They know their patients well, forming trusting relationships. As Tony and Jenny’s story shows, the knowledge they share can give people a better life.

Help us fund more Specialist Nurses like Rebecca

Rebecca Manners is our new Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse, providing support to people in Northern NSW thanks to funding contributed by thoughtful supporters like you.

With COVID-19 recently locking down the nearby border into Queensland, where most in the area go to see neurologists, Rebecca’s help has been particularly crucial.

“My main focus as the Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse is to support patients and their families through what can be a challenging and isolating condition,” Rebecca says.

“To provide integrated care we liaise with specialists, GPs and allied health such as physiotherapists and social workers to manage their Parkinson’s symptoms.”

There are still many places around NSW where people don’t have a Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse. They desperately need this reliable and professional support on-hand in their own community.

They need your help.

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